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for your noob days it wasn't bad maynfor your noob days it wasn't bad maynfor your noob days it wasn't bad maynfor your noob days it wasn't bad mayn

My fucking god xD I was NOT ready for those jokes. I missed watching your anims so much, bro. Oh god... and bonus points for the music. I was listening to PE's OST before clicking this thing. Yup, sounds like bs but it's true.

Well, this is nothing special. I would give criticism to prove why but you're known for not listening to others so I'll save my time. Anyways, is gamemaster some sorta knockoff of Raven from Teen Titans?

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So, nobody knows how to install Unity. That's such a nice thing to learn about people.
Great art, by the way.


Vandheer´s fighting style at the end reminds me so much of Bleach even though I don´t even like that anime. This game is amazing, I love the characters, the combos, the graphics, everything


In terms of gameplay, I´ve played Armed with Wings 1, 2 and 3, Red Moon and
Culmination. I only liked AwW3 and Culmination. But when it comes to the storyline, and how interesting it gets to follow it, it´s great, I love the originality and that feeling of magical samurais it gives. This is great!

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That sounds painful as fuck for your throat, yeah... really good though

You make those lil boys sound hot ;)

I tend to avoid quoting in reviews but "Don't drop the icecream, kids, you'll get fucked in the ass" was brilliant

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By far my favorite piece of yours

lol I never thought of myself as a perv but this got my curiosity :I
It's a great idea nonetheless

Sabtastic responds:

Haha don't worry you're not a perv.
I just thought the name had a ring to it.

I love them

Your character design ideas are great, at least for the face and hair style, since I can´t see their bodies or the outfits. Still, I would never recommend you to upload your own original ideas to the web, since you might someday see your own characters in the TV, in a shitty story by another guy you never heard of. People steal, and that´s no good. Other than that, I like this a lot, your drawing style is great, as it´s not as weird as traditional anime that doesn´t have a bit of anatomy, and it´s not extreme realism. Just what I like to see, a fuckin awesome drawing. Congratulations! My favourite two are the 2nd girl from the upper half, and the 2nd girl from the lower half, they look like very interesting characters to write about :3



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